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(Greek: ?ρετ?; pronounced
/'ær?te?/ in English), in its basic sense, means excellence of any kind. In its earliest appearance in Greek, this notion of excellence was ultimately bound up with the notion of the fulfillment of purpose or function: the act of living up to one's full potential. Arete in ancient Greek culture was courage and strength in the face of adversity and it was to what all people aspired.


The shadowed figures filed one by one from the dark trees into the glistening clearing in the forest.  They searched for brotherhood among the strong and those that choose to be isolated no more.  A greater purpose had to exist besides simply serving in a uniformed military battalion.  One must be able to flourish in their own right and find their place in Aion’s intended destiny.  The gathering Asmodians consisted of misfit loners, the weary, blood thirsty warriors, lost souls and eager fighters.  The legion that morning was formed to allow those seeking excellence in battle training, professional development, commerce, and spirituality.  Arête is not an elitist legion, but a legion where brotherhood takes on a deeper meaning for those wishing to grow as daevas in the company of excellence.


What we are (ooc): We are a small to medium sized legion and have no intention of growing large.  We are medium-heavy RP.  Emphasis is placed on quality not quantity.  Each and every member’s game and RP style is given a place to develop and mature within our ranks.  Story lines are fully explored and nourished while striving for help on the next level.  We are not a military based legion but emphasis on organized Pv PvE is placed.  We believe that not only can one develop a story line from PvP, but rich lore can be gained from PvE as well.


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First Monthly Hero Symposium

Softlie, Oct 26, 10 10:28 AM.
Join us November 7, 9 pm EST to recognize our heros!  See for details!
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